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Defence discontinues use of yellow search-and-rescue helicopters

As of 1 January 2015, the Defence organisation has taken its characteristic yellow AB-412 search-and-rescue helicopters out of...

News item | 08-01-2015 | 09:01

Karel Doorman delivers last consignment of Ebola goods to Liberia

HNLMS Karel Doorman, the joint logistic support ship of the Royal Netherlands Navy, has completed the delivery of 1.5 million...

News item | 02-01-2015 | 09:00

New vehicles for the armed forces

The Netherlands Defence organisation today took symbolic delivery of 1,667 new vehicles when the keys of the newly acquired...

News item | 03-12-2014 | 11:45

7th flight carrying remains of victims of MH17 disaster arrives in Eindhoven

For the seventh time since 23 July, remains of the victims of the MH17 disaster arrived at Eindhoven Air Base on board a Dutch...

News item | 03-12-2014 | 11:42

Train hijacking at De Punt in 1977 (video)

The 1977 train hijacking at De Punt, Drenthe, and how it was ended on Saturday 11 June has been the subject of a recent...

News item | 19-11-2014 | 16:42

Remains of victims of MH17 disaster returned to the Netherlands

This afternoon, a Dutch Hercules C-130 transport aircraft carrying the remains of victims of the MH17 disaster landed at ...

News item | 08-11-2014 | 18:30

Karel Doorman departs for Ebola region with 1,000 tons of supplies

Protective clothing, beds, generators, field toilets, rubber gloves, bandages, mobile laboratories, field hospitals, almost 120...

News item | 06-11-2014 | 18:31

Asscher en Hennis visit F-16 mission against ISIS

"I have immense respect for our Dutch military personnel and the contribution they are making to the international effort in ...

News item | 06-11-2014 | 18:00

First F-35 squadron for the RNLAF

As of yesterday afternoon, the Royal Netherlands Air Force has its first F-35 squadron. The squadron will operate in the US. ...

News item | 05-11-2014 | 15:30

Netherlands MoD sells Fokker-50s to Peru

Peru is set to buy 2 Fokker-50 aircraft from the Netherlands Defence organisation. The sale of the two aircraft will include a ...

News item | 31-10-2014 | 18:00

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